Laughing (&) Buddha :)

Monday, December 16, 2013

This little idol of Budai or laughing Buddha, as he is famously called, is a special gift from my amma (mom). While leaving for post graduation, mom brought this to me as a token of happiness. . I kept him in my closet amid the pile of my belongings and when every time noticed  this generous man, he appeared like playfully reminding my carelessness and brought laughter :)
Later as I ventured to have some information on him,  I realized that this poor content man carried his possession in his cloth sack (Budai), gave candy to poor children and was shown smiling always. He represents good virtues of generosity, kindness, wisdom and laughter. Little do I know about him but still I carry a lot of admiration from this little knowing. He makes me comprehend that : Happiness is not a state acquired through materials, it is a spiritual state of our shining soul.
 I admit, all these days this idol of Laughing Buddha alone didn’t make me grin but thought of my mother’s lovable intention to gift this precious idol always does :)
This picture clicked by me is a glimpse of smiling Buddha shining through  :)


sunaath said...

Well, I wish you will be always laughing and happy!

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