Monday, July 29, 2013

As they say, ‘In life some people come as blessings while other come as lessons’, we all have our share of blessings and lessons. Blessings are always blissful! But lessons are difficult! No matter how bruised we are, how hard we try to seclude ourselves after learning good number of  lessons from bad people (who turned bad to us!), get shattered, we are after all ‘social’ beings and our tendency to get hooked to people reverts at one point or the other. We get desperate wondering why people are so unpredictable, why they always live behind the façade of something they are actually not and could never be.. However, finally we are obliged to travel along many... acquainted, unknown..! In the process we get convinced that we can’t label people as beautiful or ugly! People wouldn’t come under any brand as such!
When  I tuned into this ‘musing mode’ contemplating on all kinds of people out there, my mind whispered tenderly into my ears ‘ Let people walk into your life , not over it’!

© Sushma Sindhu 
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sunaath said...

Genuinely right thought!

Archana said...

Wow! Great post Sushma.

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