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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hii all,
Well, Are you new to my 'dream space?' You are welcome and please consider scrolling down to see my 'dream stuffs' and I am sure you will find the link to this post then! Today, I am gonna share my ‘observation’ on own 'sleeping self’, variations I underwent during my dreams that resembles ‘story’ rather a dream..

Some times I sense thumping in the heart and can observe my eye movements and the' dream self' remains very conscious while spectating the occurings, yet I can’t actively involve and manupalate the happenings(never, in any dream). Some other times, my dream ‘self’ stays more comfortable, no focus set on ‘sleeping self’ and every movement proceeds very casual and fine, normally watching the ongoings or participating in a ‘dream venture’. But I didn’t make out much difference in both the conditions with regard to kind of dreams I had.
‘Also to which ‘type’ such dreams fall, if categorized?’ Well, it’s another puzzling issue to me as enigmatic as the ‘source’ or cause of unusual dreams. I regarded it folly probing, when all my search results remained unjustified and stopped my exploration long back.

Now, all I do is ‘learning’ from my own dream stuffs, decoding them to my best and sharing with people whom I consider ‘amazing’ in providing me an indeapth detail ‘ hidden’ deep inside, hidden from my analysis of dreams too. However, we can only see things that we are capable off , limited to our views and visions. How fine to find people who help unleash the potential in our own self, either by dragging out the concealed ‘theme’ or by incorporating a ‘meaning’ born from their thoughts and letting us see as ‘ours’, Is not it?
That is the strenghth of a truly experienced approach. Where we ‘feel’, that is much far than ‘listening’
Thanks to personal mails that opened up so many discussions and helped me to know how one can ‘visualize’ my dream descriptions. Really fine!

Well, I love to know how you see such an issue. I appreciate any comment or feedback that either re-triggers my old exploration or provides various new dimensions...,pals..sss :) !!
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Dream thoughts and ‘Existence’

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Usually in monologues, on explaining essentials of the plot, we get to know the background or the additional informations of the play or write up. Same happened here, in my dreams. Once in the dream, I saw a girl carrying a pot (see ‘the potfull of water’). I had a thought that,’she has to walk miles together to fetch water from the river’ ! and in another dream, while I stood on the terrace watching the sky It flashed that the silver clouds and beauty of canopy in the evening hours appeared stunned for a moment and then I observed, ‘Oh! Mr.Dark is rushing to the duty a bit early today!’. This thing repeated in most of my dreams. Ideas as mere an imagination creeps inside the dream ongoings and astounds me!

Here in this dream, named ‘existence’, for no reasons I felt the flower in the dream as ‘she’ and I address it as ‘she’!
check out what happened with ‘she’!

She was one among the various ‘beautiful’ branded flowers in that garden and again the ‘one’ who never regarded herself alike others. All she believed was that on blossoming, she brought ‘light’ and enlightened all rooted, stemmed fellows.!
Looking disregardingly towards her own plant, she said, “Hey, you! You must be very obedient to me. Today if your presence matters, it is nothing but because of me! It is my existence which made your life meaningfull… understand?”
It was not the first insult. Allmost every day plant has to tolerate her illtreatment. Even it was irritated of her boastings, kept quite reminding that ‘The right time is yet to arrive..'
Days went on.. There she was who lost her rhythm, firmness,became more feeble day by day and finally fell down on the ground separating from her stem! Failing to make a move and tortured from strong blows of wind she screamed, “ Oh.. my fate.. Why is this? Why with me? let this thing never happen to anyone!”
This time, plant could not stay dumb. It pitied her and said, “ Oh beauty, look here. See how some other is trying to take your place. I didn’t intend to mock you, but it is the law of nature! End is obvious. But arrogant, ignorant souls are ought to face such miseries, the pain of lossing the 'unaccomplished possession'. On the other day when you climbed the right and remarked on my living, I understood that the words were born of pride and foolishness . But today it could be possible! We can make it true.. You can strenghthen me and can really be responsible for my existence..” stretching its leafy hands, it drew her towards foot and consoled.

2006's dream- COPY RIGHT © Sushma Sindhu

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