Dream Report- 'Barrier?'

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This is a recent, Jan-2012 ‘dream report’. This dream came as a realization offering new possibilities to view ‘life’. I have named it ‘Barrier?’. See it and let me know your take on ‘Barrier..?’


I see a wall ahead of me. A huge wall and nothing but that wall. I sense it is blocking my way and start looking for a door, window or atleast a hole somewhere.. I search and search in the wall that seems to be stretching infinitely. I couldn’t find its beginning or ending.. As I go about scouring I sense the desire for freedom, wish to reach out for some dream mounting in me. I feel hopeless after my futile efforts. Disappointed, I turn my back to the wall. I turn and go stunned with what I witness. I am seeing a place with green coated grassy ground and multicoulored sky. I feel pleasure, joy and peace watching those hues. As I walk towards the view leaving the wall, I hear a voice rising somewhere in me saying- ‘Walls are not always bad. Make sure whether they are guarding you from stepping out of your dream or stopping you from entering the dream.”

With that, dream ends..

( Writeup copyright © Sushma Sindhu)

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Hii all,

It had been quite a while I stopped updating thisblog. But, it is hard to nudge aside the passion kindling inside. So, here I am, back with bundles of ideas pondering on giving the blog an all new outlook. I had been posting my dream write ups so far. Journey with my inner guide – 'DREAM' has influenced many facets of my conscious and unconscious life all these years. Hence,I presumed along with dream reports it would be fine to publish the deeper contemplations, aswell. Hoping to hear on this new endeavour..



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