The Pot Full Of Water...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

That girl has to traverse miles together, by foot, to fetch water from the river. But unfortunately, every day she returned with half filled pot. She was really worried, ‘how the water spilled out from filled pot?’

One day she offered flowers to the river and yelled “O almighty.. Be kind upon me. Please bless me with pot full of water…”
She made it a routine.
But that day, she brought a slight change in her practice. Deciding something to herself, she filled the pitcher and walked home with conscious behaviour. To her surprise, not even a drop of water was off from the pot! Elated, she ran towards river and expressed her gratitude. A response struck her ears. “Oh my dear, recall the happenings.. There was nothing in your mind , except the pot and the water. Not even me…”
‘uh ! god replied me..’ glancing ‘that’ from disembodied voice, delighted girl moved to report the occurrence.

To prove her words, the next day she reached river with crowd of people. Presenting flowers to the river, she uttered, “ Oh almighty, at last you blessed me. I am very thankful to you..” No response!.. She cried again and again. But still there was an intense silence!! The crowd dispersed insulting and mocking the lady. Ashamed, she plodded back home with her pot. Her reflection in the pot’s water said “O my dear, silly girl, Couldn’t you recognize yourself? The thing that made you succeed was only your concentration. With out understanding yourself you moved to explain world about the existence. First, try to identify and notice the ‘self’ inside you not the external existence”. She came home with filled pot. Filled with water she has brought.
*Translated from 'shodha'(taken from my book)
(Picture taken from Web)

My 'Dreams'!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Dreams! Irrelevant, confusing, scary, …….. ! yes, I do have such! But there are also some symbolic, abstract kind of stuffs which came my way , with a puzzling approach, a few years ago. At first, they were consoling , guiding sort of things and were like question- answer type. But later, there formed a beginning and ending to these and also the subject become more universal than persona! At its very first arrival, I found myself perplexed of my peculiar experience. But later, for now ‘dreams’ have become very part of my life, an usual thing and ofcourse, an important one to mention !
I usually write it in my mother tongue (kannada), but for my urge to share it, I'm writing it in English, as well. I had dreams, usually which were very lengthy. Here I am posting only smaller ones, easily readable online...
Sushma Sindhu
(image- from my brother's cam)

The Quest

In my dream, I was walking on an even, plain road, intending in search of truth.. There were buildings on either side. While passing by a building, I Percieved something and entered it. Rows of chairs were placed inside. I sat before a wall which seemed quite special. Suddenly, a beautiful young- lady got in and sat, leaving a chair empty in between us, as though maintaining a ‘distance’. Before I felt that she appeared ‘extremely self absorbed’ and intentionally neglected me, a scene blossemed on the wall and proceeded like a movie.

It was a greeny place, comprised of flowery plants, fruitful trees, lovely birds and people enjoying all pleasure and beuty. There stood a tree full of thorns which was just ‘useless’ in public views. Green slept dead over that tree. Near by situated a wide mango tree , stretching its branches over all directions. Its beneath, were people ,chanting, chating, having mangoes and lauding the ‘worthiness’ of the tree. It was engulfed with contemptation and fulfillment. The thorny tree, fed up with such comparisons and used to curse itself.

Time elapsed and once, severe draught stretched all over . Mango tree became leaves less ,fruit less.. There was no shadow, no birds and not even people to applaud. It was suffering with intense, endless pain. The leaves less branches were in craze of some thing. Thorny tree felt utter sympathy at the state of mango tree and remarked , “Dear pal, condolences for your agony. But where the admiring and lauding men went and where those lovely birds are ? where are the one who were planning to uproot me? I really pity you. Those good days are now, just memories. Once, you look at me. I am not changed. Am I? I had no nice experiences to recall, nothing to feel nostalgic . But I am ‘stable’ and ‘self supporting’ for myself. But I didn’t mean insulting you dear friend. Let those golden days revert , let your happiness revive. But….. don’t ever be lured by the flowery words of people. What can I comment on men who never tried to read my ‘self’, and focused only on thorns? But to tell you the truth, we can survive at any body’s departure, provided, if we are firm with in ourselves! That too… with stability!”

Scene was consoling... Wall turned blank. That girl went out with out looking at me, even . but I did not feel bad. I was trying to be ‘stable’ with in myself, after all…

-Sushma Sindhu

translated from 'shodha'(included in my book)
(image-my cam)
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