A Specious Logic

Friday, November 14, 2008

I was wandering in an unfamiliar, devastated land. It appeared too peculiar. Some chairs, benches, tables were set in an open area. While wondering, I heard foot steps from my right, I turned and stood stunned! A bunch of headless men, headed by a young lady ( with head!!!) were marching. All were fashionably dressed. She kept yelling instructions in commanding voice. They moved just before me. She once stared and proceeded .. All sat on chairs.
I felt a bit too odd. She kept stating on some unknown issues in her authoritative tone. Whenever she pauses, stops, the others applaud.. It just went on. Whatever would be her word, they clap inturn. Mean while, she started gazing at me and remarked, “Dear all, Profound thoughts are meant to obey and one who dares to question them mustn’t be spared unpunished”. It made me astonished and even very agitated! She continued, “Noble concept wins supporters. One who can muse, leads. One who can’t follows. Aimless wanderers, who have no group to lead, no people to step along are real niusance to the social system! Pals, right here I can see a being with head!! It’s rambling over here and there with no task to perform. It just ponders unnecessarily. Neither could it impress people with immense expression, nor it could simply follow precious, socially well appreciated values. Well, for curiosity you can surely have a look at it, if you wish.” She stopped. Again, men applauded loudely.
Utterly insulted by her offensive remark and her manner in addressing me as ‘it’, I wanted to oppose, protest against her spurious logics. But couldn’t utter a word. I struck totally dumb and at the same time, involuntarily I was stepping back…back ... And finally, woke up!

A very recent dream that kept me thinking for a long time.
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supraja said...

headless mob headed by one with head, but no stuff inside....is it a symbol of the present situation?
dear 'dream girl', really thought provoking. expecting more ...

Anonymous said...

i could somehow relate to this in real world,,, interesting :)

Sushma Sindhu said...

Hey @Supraja, @Pretty,

Thanks for looking into the possible meaning of this dream.
I usually think of such connection in between my dream and waking life. Initially I just wanted to know how my dream could relate to very personal space of mine, as i thought all our dreams usuallu symbolize and deals with our day to day conflicts. Now, as I started viewing the collective meaning of my dream, I feel the thoughts running in me with no boundaries... it is fun... :)

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