Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I was amidst a green land, in a pleasant climate, looking around the very richness of nature. But some how, was not in a good mood. Irrelevant thoughts were bothering my mind and I could not make out what exactly was I thinking. Suddenly, I saw an object moving a bit away.

An umbrella captured my attention with its attractive outlook. It possessed the colours of rainbow and was progressing in the direction of wind. With out my knowledge, I began running behind it as if my sole aim was to catch that umbrella. My vision was so much fixed that I did not even worried where was I going.
In the mean time, I came to know that Umbrella was not proceeding rapidly with wind, but was in a constant speed!

All of a sudden it picked up pace and got off from me.. away…, away and disappeared from my vision. There I stood, tired and disappointed . A glance around shocked and astonished me! That was a barren land. The green, the beauty everything was gone. I knelt on ground scared and lost! At the place where the umbrella moved off from my sight, I heard a voice , “ You always ran for things you never actually needed at that point of life.. An umbrella where there was no rain and sunshine! You can’t see the worthyness you were provided with . Now here you are, empty handed, in a place which offers nothing but dry thoughts, dry as its grass..”
I suddenly opened my eyes…

It had been 5 years to this dream. That was the first time I heard conversations as such in dream that became lenghthier in my succeeding dreams.
Follow the link below to get started and see the archives with this dream round spinned in the ‘Dream Wheel’

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Nomad said...

Nice background and layout. How did you do that?

Sushma Sindhu said...

Hi Nomad,
Thanks. No comments on my writings, ah?
well, I found it in Finalsense. U can c its link on my webpage :)

yours_nonie said...

sushma i think i m ntnhing in front of u.seriously.and i do blv ki expressions, feelings and dreams ko kabhi judge nahi karna chiye.i m learning writing :).and i can learn frm you thst for sure.Lets be frnd. well from where u got the link of my blogs.I m sorry if i m asking over here.I dont know ur other way of contact .if through orkut do send me frnd request if possible

Sushma Sindhu said...

I too am an exact newbie buddy!
Your words,'no feelings or expression could be judged' is very true. Likewise, it’s unfair to compare expressions or works. r8?
Well, you are already my frnd in orkut. Let's learn together :-)
Thank you.

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